IAN DAVIS Guide author

Ian Davis was a former guide and his knowledge and experiences on the North Island Rivers is extensive. In 2009 after the global financial crash, he had to find a way to reduce the cost of their highly successful trips to Vancouver Island. All that knowledge and experience was put into a bespoke guide book written by Ian. The book is produced each year with continuous updates and every guest that books a trip with BC Fishing ltd will receive their personal copy of the book.


BC Fishing ltd has taken well over 300 fishermen to Vancouver Island where they have experienced some of the best salmon fishing in the world. These trips are designed by fishermen, for fishermen. The guide book provides all the help you will need, and Ian or Charlie are always there to provide advice or help.

Charlie Brownlow

Charlie Brownlow has been a sporting agent in Scotland since 2006 setting up Charles Brownlow Ltd in 2009. 

Charlie finally went out to Vancouver Island in 2017 with BCfishing to see what all the fuss is about. With 5 species under his belt in 5 days he is hooked and will be out in 2018 with BC fishing as part of the team. 
Charlie will be dealing with sales and hosting parties on Vancouver Island. 

Charles Brownlow Ltd is still operating and BCfishing will sit perfectly along side Charles Brownlow Ltd.  

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